Typical Forensic Cases

Three cases that benefitted from forensic accounting analyses conducted by Forensics CPA Tax, PLC.


Partner v. Partner

Problem: Partner A suspected that Partner B was stealing from their business. 

Action: Forensics CPA Tax, PLC conducted a forensic examination of the company’s bank accounts and discovered that Partner B had misappropriated funds to support a serious gambling problem. We documented the amounts and years in which the misappropriations occurred. We submitted these findings to the court, amended the affected tax returns, and assisted counsel during subsequent negotiations.

Result: The dispute was settled before trial.

Losses from Defective Equipment

Problem: A veterinarian discovered that a blood-analysis machine she recently purchased was producing incorrect or inconclusive test results. She consulted Forensics CPA Tax, PLC to document the loss of business the machine’s failures caused. 

Action: We calculated the business’s losses, reported these findings to the court, and assisted counsel during subsequent negotiations with the manufacturer.

Result: The dispute was settled before trial.

Acrimonious Divorce

Problem: The wife of a wealthy individual whom she was suing for divorce suspected her spouse’s business was being materially undervalued.

Action: Through forensic examination of bank records, tax filings, and credit cards, Forensics CPA Tax, PLC found that the man had hidden a sizable portion of his income via related party transactions, and had under-reported the size of his classic car collection. We also determined that the run-up in value of his business was significant. In the process, we discovered that the large, well-known accounting firm the man retained to produce his income statements during the course of the marriage had double-counted $4,000,000 in expense transactions. The report we submitted to the court documenting our findings highlighted the man’s considerable understatement of income.

Result: The dispute was settled before trial.


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