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Our areas of expertise revolve around analysis in its truest sense.  We embark on a systematic examination and evaluation of data by breaking it into its component parts to uncover their interelationships.  We use this examination of the data to uncover and understand cause-effect relationships which ultimately provides the basis for problem solving and decision making.

  • Forensic Services is a specialty practice area of accounting.  Most often these services are required to help adjudicate actual or anticipated disputes. It's not just numbers and documents, it's the story behind the numbers.
  • Business Valuation is another specialty practice area in accounting.  Business valuations are used for all sorts of reasons, the primary ones include estate planning, purchasing or selling a business, and divorces (personal or business).
  • Tax Services is not just tax preparation, though it's an important component.  It's the analysis of your business or personal situation to find ways to reduce your current or future tax burden.  In addition we have a robust tax resolution practice, which can only be successful if the practioner produces a lot of tax returns.

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